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The Travis Air Museum gift shop is now offering a limited supply of historic aviation art. The prints by these artists are signed and numbered. Some are autographed and framed for immediate display. Others are matted, allowing for the framing of your choice. This art was generously donated by Mr. Allen Finley, a twenty-year Army/Army Air Force veteran. He spent much of his service time with an Army searchlight unit during WW II.

We are pleased to offer several of these fine prints for your viewing pleasure. For further information and purchase, please call the Gift Shop at 424-4450.


Valor in the Pacific

“Valor in the Pacific”
by Robert Taylor

B29s of the 499th Bomb Group,
73rd Wing of the 20th Air Force after a daylight raid on Tokyo

Image size: 34” x 25”
Signed and numbered: 543/1250


First Kill

“First Kill”
by Roy Grinnell

First allied victory of WWII
September 1, 1939 – Zurada, Poland

Image size: 22” x 28”
Signed and numbered: 230/1000


Twilight Conquest

“Twilight Conquest”
By Nicolas Trudgian

P-61 Black Widow, Col. O B Johnson, 422 Night Fighter Squadron Co.

Image size: 23½” x 33¼”
Signed and numbered: 548/600


Flagship over Manhattan

“Flagship over Manhattan”
By Robert Watts

An American Airlines DC-3, Rochester, Model 277B
one of 20 in service by 1936 with right hand doors,
outbound from La Guardia airport.

Image size: 32” x 25”
Signed and numbered: 546/1000


Valor at Polebrook

“Valor at Polebrook”
By David Poole

Dedicated to the valiant men who flew on the epic last flight of “Ten Horsepower,”
a B-17 of the 351st Bomb Group, which tragically crashed just short of her home base
at Polebrook, England. The aircraft was returning from a harrowing mission
to Leipzig, Germany, on the 20th of February 1944, the opening day of the Eighth Air Force’s historic “Big Week” bombing campaign. “Ten Horsepower” is shown in the company
of a second B-17, piloted by Major Elzia Ledoux, who took to the air in a desperate
effort to assist the crippled aircraft during her final moments.

Image size: 27½” x 17¾”
Signed and numbered: 197/500