Question: How do I get on base to see the museum and aircraft exhibits?
Answer: It depends if you have a US Government ID. See the information on the Visitor Info page.

Question: I do not have a US Government ID. Is that a problem?
Answer: If you do not have a US Government ID, you should call the Visitors’ Center at the main gate (424-1462) or the museum to check on current security conditions for entry.

Question: How do I get a docent led tour of Travis Air Museum?
For visitors without a military ID, the Museum staff can sometimes provide an escort service as a courtesy. Please telephone the museum office in advance: (707) 424-5605

Question: What documents will I need to present at the base gate?
Answer: All visitors must present their auto registration and driver’s license to the guard at the Visitors’ Center and all visitors aged 18 or older must have a photo ID. If you have a rental car, present the keys.

Question: I want to make a donation. Who should contact?
Answer: A lot depends on what you wish to donate. See the information on the Donate page.

Question: Can we arrange to hold a retirement or reunion celebration/banquet at the museum?
Answer: Absolutely, you can. Please contact the museum staff at (707) 424-5605.

Question: How do I sign up to receive a copy of your newsletters?
Answer: You become a Foundation Member.

Question: I want to volunteer to help. Who should I contact?
Answer: If you’re interested, please call the Museum office at (707) 424-5605. We look forward to hearing from you. From docents to artisans, mechanics to shop keepers, we appreciate the gift of time and talent.

Question: When is the museum open?
Answer: Tuesday-Saturday, 09:00-16:00. Closed Sundays, Mondays and Federal holidays.
Air park hours: Everyday until dark. See information on the Visitor Info page.

Question: I would like to bring my school/college class to the museum. Is this possible?
Answer: Yes it is, and it might be possible to include the Air Force Base as well as the museum. When an organization, high school or club requests a base tour, the initial request must be made by telephone to the Travis Community Relations Office at (707) 424-0132.

Question: Is it possible to obtain copies of photos and documents in the Library Archive?
Answer: Visiting researchers are welcome to make copies of photos and documents on site, but the museum does not have the staff to make copies on request.

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