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The Jimmy Doolittle Air and Space Museum Foundation is proud to announce that the Travis Air Museum library archives are available for research during regular Museum hours.
Please call 424-5605 for more information.

Museum Library

Jimmy Doolittle Air & Space Museum Library

The library archives contain not only copies of manuals, photographs, books, videos and a myriad of other documents, but the base newspapers. Recently, these documents have been indexed. Plans are in the works to get all of these documents placed on microfilm or digitalized.

Visiting researchers are welcome to make copies of photos and documents on site, but the museum does not have the staff to make copies on request.

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As these become available, copies will be made available to the base library, historian, PA, local libraries, the local press, and the HQ AMC History Office. In future issues of the Travis Air Museum NEWS, we will reprint certain articles from these sources that highlight various aspects of the history of the Travis Air Force base. Up to the present, the information in these sources has been almost inaccessible, requiring laborious effort on the part of researchers to track down a given story or subject.

Amazing Memorabilia - Christmas Menu 1943

Amazing Memorabilia – Christmas Menu 1943

The Foundation wishes to recognize Ben Reed for completely reorganizing the library. Ben has scanned hundreds of documents, photographs and has cataloged them in a user-friendly manner. Meanwhile, Andrea Read has taken on the task of preparing an index of the base newspapers. Thank you Andrea.

Altogether, these publications are unique sources for the military, social, and administrative history of the base. For example, the base newspapers’ archives contain both the Global Ranger and The Tailwind. Beginning with the Global Ranger in 1966, the Museum has the only complete set of these newspapers except for the years 1969 (removed by order of XO on 13 June 1970), 1971, and parts of 1975, 1977, and 1985. In addition, the Museum holds many copies of the base newsletter, Front and Center, that were published in the mid 1940s when the base was established.

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